Mirror and Shelf

We will be making a mirror and shelf, similar to the one that you see here.  This mirror and shelf set are of my own creation, and any resemblance to this tutorial is purely by coincidence, and the skills shown here are common to Paint Shop Pro.

In this tutorial we will be using the selections that I have provided in either PSP 7 or 8.  The tube of the bird is of unknown origin, so I can not offer it for download.  You may use a tube of your choice for the reflection effect on the mirror.

    Materials Needed

I will not remind you between each step, but please save your image often, so that you will not lose all of your hard work.  Open your supplies zip, and save the patterns to your Patterns folder, and the metallic gradient to the Gradients folder.  If you have Eye Candy 4000, save the Frame Glaze setting to your Glass Folder.

(Eye Candy is not necessary to complete this tutorial, but it gives the wood a nice shiny finish.)

Choose which version of Paint Shop Pro that you are using, and download those selections, and extract the selections to a folder of your choice.  It is not necessary to save it within PSP.  Just open the zip and save to a folder of your choice, and where you will remember where it is.


  1. Open a new image, 400 x 400, transparent background and 16 million colors.

    Foreground:  Pattern, and select Finished Wood, angle 90, scale 100. Background:  Gradient, and select Metallic3 gradient, angle 45, and invert is checked.

  2. New Raster Layer and call it Frame.
  3. Selections/Load From Disk/OvalFrame.PspSelection.  Source luminance and Replace Selection checked, and click “Load”.  The marching ants should now be on your canvas.
  4. Flood fill with your Finished Wood Pattern.  Keep selected.
  5. Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel, using the Frame preset.  Keep selected.
  6. Effects/Plug ins/Eye Candy 4000/Glass and use the FrameGlaze preset.  Deselect.
  7. Using your magic wand, tolerance and feather set at 0, anti-alias checked, click inside of the frame.  Keep selected.
  8. New Raster Layer, named Trim.
  9. Selections/Modify/Expand by 1.
  10. Flood Fill with the D_Goldfold tile, angle 90 and scale 150.
  11. Selections/Modify/Contract by 2.  Hit the delete button on your keyboard once.  Deselect.
  12. Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow – V & H set at 0, Opacity 80, Blur 5.0, and Shadow on New Layer is checked.
  13. Highlight the trim layer again.
  14. With your magic wand, click outside the trim area.
  15. Go back to the shadow layer, and hit delete once on your keyboard, to clean up the outside of your shadow.
  16. Highlight the Frame layer.  New Raster Layer and call it Mirror.
  17. Selections/Load From Disk/inside_frame.PspSelection.
  18. Flood fill with the Metallic3 gradient.
  19. Adjust/Add and Remove Noise/Add Noise 3%, Monochrome and Gaussian checked.
  20. You are now done with your mirror.  You can Layers/Merge/Visible and tube your image for future use, and go on to create your matching shelf.

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