Seamless Tiles

There are several ways to create seamless tiles in Paint Shop Pro, and when you know the tricks, it is easy to make a beautiful tile of your own for a background for a web page, or picture or whatever you need a tile for.  One way is to take an image, make a square with your selection tool, and go to “selection” and “convert to seamless pattern”.  This works effectively if you don’t get too close to the edge of your selection, and your image is fairly random.  Paint Shop Pro will blend the edges for you so that it will tile.  You might be able to see the edges where the tile goes together, but it will work.  Now we will learn another method.

In this lesson we will learn how to create a seamless tile using Paint Shop Pro 7 and the Super Blade Pro plugin.  If you do not have the Blade Pro plugin you can get a trial version at
Flaming Pear Software

You will also have to download the zip files for the presets for this tutorial.  You can do so now.
Blue Green Lights

If you are new to Blade Pro, you extract the bmps and the presets by going to “Programs” and “JASC Paint Shop Pro”.  Then go to the “plugins” folder, “Super Blade Pro”, and open “environments and textures.”  Extract the presets and the bmp picture tiles into your environment and textures file.

Open a new image 50 x 50, white background and 16 million colors.

Now go to “Effects”, “Plugins” and “Super Blade Pro”.  You might find Super Blade Pro under Flaming Pear.

Look at the settings for Super Blade Pro that I have here.

You will find two clear circles with arrows next to them in the center of the screen.  Click on the top clear circle, and go through the list and locate the bluegreenlights.q5q from the list.  This should make your preview tile in the window at the right of the screen look similar to the one above here.  Then click “OK” and Blade Pro will apply the effect to your tile.  If you do not have Blade Pro, you can right click and save this tile and continue with this lesson to learn how to make it a seamless tile.

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