Gold Brocade Valentine Heart

In this tutorial we will be making a gold heart and frame, which you can use for a special Valentine, or as a frame for a special picture.  You will need Paint Shop Pro, which if you do not have it, you can download a trial version from COREL.

We will be using Eye Candy.  You can download a free version of Eye Candy here:  EYE CANDY

You will also need my PSP file with the alpha channels included.  When you open it, you will just see a blank background.  Don’t worry, all of the selections are in there, hidden in the alpha channels.

Now that we have all of our materials…  Let’s get started!  Set your foreground to #000000 (Black) and your background to #FFFFFF (White).  Open the goldheart and the lace1 file in PSP.  Duplicate the goldheart file (Shift/D) and close out the original.

  1. New Raster Layer, and name it heart.
  2. Selections/Load From Alpha Channel the heart1 selection.  Flood fill this with white.
  3. Effects/Plugins/EyeCandy4000/Chrome using the following settings:
    On the Basic tab, Shiny Penny.tif, bevel width 21.6, Bevel Height Scale 78, Smoothness 100, Ripple thickness 0, Ripple Width 5.04, Bevel Placement outside marquee checked, random seed 1.
    Lighting tab: Direction 135, Inclination 45, Highlight Brightness 60, Highlight Size 40, Highlight Color white, Tint Amount 100, Tint Color white.
    Bevel Profile tab: Hump

    Click OK to apply the filter, and Deselect.

  4. New Raster Layer, and call it lace.
  5. Selections/Load from Alpha Channel the heart1 selection.
  6. On your styles buttons, select Pattern.  Find the lace tile which should be opened on your workspace, and select it as your pattern.  Flood Fill the heart selection with your lace tile.
  7. Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow of V & H 1, Opacity 50, and Blur 1.
  8. Turn down the opacity for this layer to 20 on the layer pallet and Deselect.
  9. New Raster Layer called Deco.  Here you may decorate the inside of your heart in any way that you choose to…  With a special tube, picture, and the text of your choice.  I would put each item on a separate layer so that you can move them around easily, and place them just how you want them.
  10. New Raster Layer called glass.  Selections/Load from Alpha Channel heart1 selection.
  11. Effects/3D Effects/Cutout with V & H at 0, Opacity 75 and Blur at 76.2
  12. New Raster Layer and call it Highlights.
  13. Using your Paint Brush tool, size 20, Hardness, Opacity and Density 100 and step 25, add a few highlights to your glass.
  14. Effects/Gaussian Blur of 7.
  15. On your Layer Palette, change the Blend Mode to Soft Light.
  16. New Raster Layer, and then either drag it to the bottom or go to Layers/Arrange/Send to Bottom.
  17. Selections/Load from Alpha Channel the heart2 selection.
  18. Flood Fill with Black, and keep selected.
  19. New Raster Layer, and fill with your lace tile pattern.
  20. Selections/Float, and then apply your Eye Candy Chrome, but change the Bevel Placement to inside marquee.  Deselect.
  21. Make sure that your background color is white, and go to Image/Add Border and add a symmetric border of 5.
  22. Select your white border with your Magic Wand, and apply the same Eye Candy Chrome setting that you applied to the lace.  Keep Selected.
  23. Selections/Invert and add the following cutout by going to Effects/3D Effects/Cutout and the same settings as before.  Deselect.
  24. Change your background color to black, and add a symmetric border of 15.
  25. Change your background color to white, and add a symmetric border of 5, and repeat the Eye Candy Chrome.
  26. Done!  If you wish, you may add some decorative corners, resize, and save as a jpg or gif.

Thank you so much for doing my tutorial!

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