Victorian Silhouette

This tutorial was inspired by a victorian black and white picture that I saw on one of the groups that I am in, and I started playing around with it a bit.  If it bears any resemblance to another tutorial on the net, it is pure coincidence.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create and mask an image from another image, learn a little bit about masks and put it in a beautful frame.  These are the materials that you will need:  You will need Paint Shop Pro, or course.  I use Version 7.04, but I am sure it will work in other versions as well.  You can download a trial version of Paint Shop Pro from COREL.  You will also need the klorn4 brush, the black and white silhouette that I have used, the ts_mask48 and the D_GoldFold tile.  I have included them all in this zip.

Extract the klorn4 brush into your PSP brushes folder and the ts_mask48 to your mask folder.  Open the Silhouette11.jpg and the D_GoldFold.bmp in PSP, and minimize them.

Open a new image, 500 by 500, 72 million colors on a transparent background.  Change your foreground color to white #FFFFFF and your background color to black #000000.  On your color pallet, change the forground color to Pattern.  Click on the center of the pattern box, and select D_GoldFold from the tiles that you will see in the pop up box that will appear.

Flood fill the image with the gold tile.  Now go to Mask/New/From Image and choose Silhouette11, source luminance selected and invert mask selected.  Then click OK.

This is what you should have so far.

Add a new raster layer.  Layers/Arrange/Move Down.  Flood Fill with Black.  Make sure Black is the background color.  Now go to Image/Add Border and add a border of 50, symettric selected.

Add a new layer.  Flood fill with the gold pattern tile.  Now go to Mask/Load From Disk and select the ts_Mask58.

Now switch the foreground and the background colors, by clicking on the arrow inbetween them.  Your background color should now be white.  Add another border of 5 pixels.  Select your new border with your magic wand.  Flood fill with the gold tile, which should still be in the foreground on the color pallet.  Selections/Invert.  Now go to Effects/3d Effects/Cutout and add a cutout with these settings:

Vertical and horizontal 2, opacity 70, blur 13.8.  Now repeat the cutout, with vertical and horizontal both -2.  Deselect.

Change your background color to black, and add a border of 25.  Switch the background color to white, and add another border of 5.  Select this border with your magic wand, and flood fill with the gold pattern.  Deselect.

Add a new layer.  Click on your paintbrush.  On the Tool Options bar, you will see a little paintbrush on the top right hand corner.  Click on that paintbrush, and you will see a list.  select custom.  Then find the klorn4 brush from the box that pops up.  Then use size 190, opacity 50, step 25.  I also like to see the brush outlines, so that I know where I am putting things.  Go to the second tab on the tool options box.If you want to see the brush outlines, select the top two boxes, to use precise cursors, and show the brush outlines.


Click about 5 times on your workspace, somewhere in the top left corner.  Make sure that your mouse does not move, as you click.  It is very important to keep it in exactly the same spot.  If it isn’t just where you want it, you can reposition it later with your mover, as long as it is on a new layer.  Now add a drop shadow, vertical and horizontal 2, opacity 70 blur 5.  Now repeat the drop shadow, but change the vertical and horizontal to -2.  Sharpen once.

Layers/Duplicate.  Image/Mirror.  Layers/Duplicate and Image/Flip.  Layer/Duplicate and Image/Mirror to complete the corners.

Switch your background color to black, and then add a 5 pixel border.  Switch the background color to white, and add another border of 5.  Select your white border with the magic wand, and flood fill with the gold pattern.  Switch the background color to black, and add another border of 5.  Switch the background color to white, and add another border of 5 pixels.  Magic wand, select white border, and flood fill with gold pattern.  Deselect, and except for resizing, you are finished!  Don’t forget to sharpen your picture after your resize it.

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