Terms of Use

These tutorials and the images that you create from them are copyrighted by me.  The skills that you learn are your own.

If you take the skills that you learn, and make a different image than the one presented here, then it is yours.  If you make the identical image, it is mine, and you may use it on any projects that you do, but please do not sell it as your own, or include it in a collection of your own, either on the internet or on a CD.    That is a violation of my copyright.  And please, if you use my graphics, do not use them on any adult or occult themed sites.  Family freindly only!

If you are using the tutorials in a group, you may use a text link only to the original page that it is on.  You may not copy the tutorial itself and pass it around or include it as your own.  Give credit where it is due, and send people to my site.  I love text links and they are always welcome.  You can find a complete list of all of my tutoials on my site at http://heartcrygraphics.com.

If you do use the link for a group, please send me an email and let me know.  I love to see that people appreciate my tutorials, and that they are being used to benefit others.  My email is diana@heartcrygraphics.com.

To read more about copyright and the legal issues, and you are connected to the internet, I would suggest this site:
What is Copyright Protection?